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The Whitehall Club, Inc. (the “Association”) was incorporated in 1965 as a condominium association for operating and maintaining the common areas of The Whitehall in accordance with the terms of its Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions dated November 24, 1965, as amended. The common areas are part of a 22-story high-rise building community containing 63 residential condominiums and related parking structure. The Whitehall is located on 1.82-acres at 710 S. Hanley Road, Clayton, MO 63105 (the “Whitehall”).

The Association amenities include a fitness facility, laundry room, heated swimming pool, several outdoor patios, package room with full time attendant, indoor heated garage, 2 guest suites, library, extensive gardens with walking path, and a beautiful clubroom that is available for resident use and private functions. The clubroom is where the association holds its annual meeting and monthly Board and Committee meetings. The Whitehall has been self-managed since 1965.

Website: NONE
Associations’ revenue: $1,500,000
Unit prices: $400,000 – $1,200,000
14 employees:
1 building manager, 1 Maintenance Manager, 9 door attendant staff, 2 building porters, 1 maintenance assistant
Total association board members: 7
Total number of units: 63 condominiums


The Association General Manager serves as the chief operating officer of the Association and manages all aspects of the Association including the activities of the Board of Directors and its Committees, resident owners, renters, guests, employees, community, government, and industry. The General Manager coordinates and administers the Association policies as defined in the governing documents, develops operating policies and procedures, directs the work of all departmental managers, prepares, implements, and monitors the annual budget, monitors the quality of the Associations products and services, and ensures maximum resident owner satisfaction. In addition, the general manager secures, protects and maintains all associations’ assets, including all common buildings, grounds, inventory, and equipment. The General Manager reports to the President of the Associations Board of Directors and directly handles controller and book-keeping functions, property manager, landscape manager, and the Association’s administrative, maintenance, landscape, and security staff.

• Maintains industry designations/accreditations—PCAM, AMS or CMCA
• Minimum of five (5) years onsite homeowner and condominium association management related experience required
• Associates’ degree or relevant experience required
• Efficient in Microsoft Office programs and QuickBooks accounting program
• Strong interpersonal, supervisory and customer service skills are required
• Strong written and verbal communication skills; Must have command of the English language both written and verbal
• Able to set priorities, plan, organize, and delegate effectively
• Able to read, understand, and explain financial statements including balance sheets, income statements and general ledger
• Able to problem solve and work effectively under time constraints and deadlines

• Responsible for compliance with all the community’s policies/procedures as defined by the board of directors
• Manages the operational policies, procedures, and regulations related to general operating procedures
• Directs the work of all department managers and accounting for all Whitehall operations
• Provides counsel to the management staff to ensure all employees are professionally trained, supervised, scheduled and are knowledgeable of their responsibilities
• Develops, maintains, and disseminates a basic management philosophy to guide all Association personnel towards optimal operating results
• Develops annual operating and capital budgets for The Whitehall.
• Supervises annual Audit with third party firm
• Develops periodic checkpoints to assess compliance of the approved budgets
• Responsible for the timely preparation of monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors
• Assists with implementing the long-range and annual business plans aligned with Association’s bylaws and policies
• Monitors quality of Association services to ensure maximum owner satisfaction
• Secures and protects all the association assets
• Establishes and maintains on-going dialogue with members to elicit input on Association’s direction and improvements
• Coordinates with the Association’s boards of directors on the development and implementation of all strategic plans
• Responsible for the relationship with outside legal counsel
• Other duties as directed

The Whitehall General Manager is a highly compensated salaried exempt employee performing executive duties and responsibilities and is exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
• Competitive starting annual salary depending on education and experience
• Bonus potential of 1 week pay plus $10 for every year of service based on annual performance review
• 401(k) Safe Harbor saving plan with employer matched contributions of up to 3% of base salary based on plan documents.
• Paid medical and dental from United Healthcare
• Optional employee contribution for spouse medical and dental benefits
• Up to 4 weeks paid vacation
• Required licensure and continual educational fees reimbursed
• Paid time off includes 6 personal days and Federal Holidays
• Relocation assistance--negotiable

• Directs the annual review of employee policies, benefits, wage rates and bonuses and makes recommendations for modifications to the Executive Committee.
• Develops, maintains and disseminates a basic management philosophy to guide all Association personnel toward optimal operating results, employee morale and resident satisfaction.
• Establishes and maintains files, records, personnel records, and other documents required by law.
• Coordinates boards of director and committee meetings, including scheduling, posting of notices, preparation of agenda and minutes.
• Coordinates Association annual meeting, including scheduling, posting of notices, preparation of agenda and minutes, coordinate elections.
• Serves as Building Review administrator for Building Committee, processes applications and communications with committee members and applicants.
• Implements general policies, rules and regulations as established, directs their administration and execution to ensure compliance with documents.
• Oversees the registration and tracking of houseguests and renters.
• Provides security reports.

• Communicates and coordinates with all Association’s boards of directors and committees.
• Serves as a liaison between all management staff and all the Association’s boards of directors.
• Prepares quarterly reports and disseminates information to all boards of directors and owners.
• Participates in selected community activities to enhance the prestige of the Association; broaden the scope of the Association’s operation by fulfilling the public obligations of the Association as a participating member of the community.
• Establish and maintain an Association website.
• Maintains the Association and owner files as required by Missouri Statutes.

Legal, Accounting and Insurance
• Coordinates the preparation, execution and recording of the Association’s legal documents and works closely with the Association’s legal counsel.
• Prepares annual budgets including operational and reserve expenses for the Association.
• Reviews monthly and quarterly budget to actual cash flow information and coordinate program adjustments, as necessary.
• Reviews, approves, and allocates all invoices and bank statements.
• Coordinates the annual audited financial reports for all the Association working directly with the association’s auditing firm.
• Establishes and monitors compliance with purchasing policies and procedures; reviews and approves purchasing procedures and requirements.
• Maintains all the Association’s capital reserve investments according to the approved investment policy for the Association.
• Coordinates and maintains reserve and insurance studies and/or appraisals as required by law for the Association.
• Monitors all accounts receivable and manages delinquent accounts.
• Reviews insurance requirements and provides recommendations to the Board of Directors.
• Recommends insurance and legal service providers to the Boards of Directors and coordinate work of same.
• Reports resident infractions to the Boards of Directors.

• Handles emergencies such as fires, accidents, weather events and breaches of security and house rules promptly and in person.
• Communicates with police, fire, and other governmental agencies, as necessary.
• Coordinates the work of security provider.
• Evaluation and training of security personnel, maintaining security guard manuals and guides.
• Ensures enforcement of rules and regulations of all the associations.

Maintenance and Improvements
• Oversees the care and maintenance of all the Association’s physical assets and facilities.
• Establishes maintenance program priorities, schedule, and budgets.
• Gives direction to and works closely with vendors, outside contractors, firms and individuals providing services to the Association.
• Communicates and coordinates with utility companies.

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