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Manager’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAI?

Community Associations Institute, or CAI, is a national, non-profit organization which provides education and resources to those involved in the community association industry. This diverse group includes homeowners, board members, managers, attorneys, accountants, lenders, insurance providers, and those who service community associations such as landscapers and roofers.

What does it cost to join CAI?

For a Management Company to join, the cost is $390 per year. Dues for an individual Association Manager are $120. One individual from your company will receive free subscriptions to CAI’s Award-Winning magazine, Common Ground, discounts on educational seminars, networking events, and CAI Publications, a subscription to Community Management, discounts on advertising and sponsorship opportunities, a chance to speak at our educational seminars or write an article for the Chapter’s Quarterly newsletter, CAI News, and much more. Please note that if a Manager joins as an individual, only that manager is eligible for the great discounts and benefits of CAI.

As a Community Association Manager, what resources do you have for me?

The Heartland  Chapter of CAI provides educational classes for homeowners and managers, with topics like  “The Essentials of Community Associations” which provide the important information every manager needs. CAI also provides a Professional Management Development Program featuring in-depth courses for the dedicated manager to earn prestigious CAI Designations such as the AMS (Association Management Specialist) or the PCAM (Professional Community Association Manager) which is the highest professional recognition available for property managers nationwide. CAI members also receive subscriptions to Common Ground and Common Interest magazines – a regular source of information for association members. CAI is here to serve YOU.

Where can I find more information on professional designations?

Call the Chapter Office at 314-423-8859 to request a PMDP Course Catalog which outlines all of the professional designations CAI offers, and all of the upcoming PMDP courses for the year in your region. Or, go to CAI National’s website at .

The Association I manage is a member of CAI. Can I gain the benefits of CAI through the Association?

No, you can’t. Although you may receive some of the promotional mailings or magazines, you will not be eligible for the Professional Designations, discounts, direct information, personal attention, and other benefits available only to CAI members. Considering the knowledge that you will receive from CAI about community association management, it makes no sense for a manager not to join CAI.

If my Management Company is a member of CAI, do all of the associations we manage become members, too?

No, they don’t. Because CAI has separate and distinct categories of membership with special benefits specific to each category, each Association must join CAI in order to receive the special benefits of membership. We do encourage all management companies to promote CAI to their Associations, as it is proven that a well-educated Board backed by the resources CAI offers is much easier to work with.

I’m still not sure how CAI can specifically benefit ME.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive as a CAI member:

  • Opportunities to earn Professional Management Designations that distinguish you as an educated leader in the industry.
  • Subscriptions to CAI’s informative publications.
  • Frequent legislative updates on the national and local levels.
  • Opportunities to network with other professionals in the industry.
  • Extensive resources through CAI’s publications.
  • Opportunities to speak at CAI functions or write articles for the Chapter’s quarterly newsletter.
  • A chance to shape the future of the community association industry.
  • Be seen as a dedicated supporter of Community Associations by promoting CAI to your Associations and encouraging them to join CAI and take advantage of the education and opportunities we offer.
  • Free listing in the CAI Membership Directory, and a free copy for you to keep.
  • Great advertising and sponsorship opportunities to promote your company.

If you are still not sure how CAI can benefit you and your Management Company, please call the Chapter Office today and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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