CAI Missouri LAC- SB 820 Take Action

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The CAI Missouri LAC (CAI-MO LAC) asks YOUR help to OPPOSE a bill that would invalidate or interfere with HOA covenants across the state. SB 820 is currently being considered by the full Missouri House of Representatives and attempts to invalidate HOA covenants that restrict, limit, or prohibit use of solar panels. While CAI fervently supports renewable energy, including solar panels, SB 820 strips each local homeowner’s associations of the ability to regulate how and where solar panels may be implemented.

  • The CAI-MO LAC finds numerous concerns with this bill.
  • The bill deprives homeowners of their property rights and ability to protect their property value if their neighbors install solar panels in an unsightly fashion without reasonable limitations and a coordinated plan.
    If enacted, SB 820 would effectively render HOA regulation of solar panels pointless even if “reasonable rules” are permitted. SB 820 has specific language that prohibits any rules which would “adversely affect the cost or efficiency of the device.” This effectively allows homeowners to install the cheapest and potentially most unsightly solar panels anywhere on their property.
  • Finally, the language in SB 820 assumes all associations in the state of Missouri have prohibitions on solar panels when only a very small handful do. In current and future cases where associations do have restrictions, however, SB 820 would strip the ability of these organizations to preserve property values by creating reasonable restrictions.

CAI MO-LAC believes each HOA community should have the right to decide what is in its own best interest when allowing for the aesthetics of solar panels. CAI has persistently encouraged your Missouri lawmakers to amend this bill to allow for communities to create the best policies possible for their own residents and lawmakers have actively ignored these requests. For these reasons, CAI MO-LAC is strongly opposed to the adoption of SB 820. Please tell the House Downsizing State Government Committee OPPOSE SB 820 TODAY!

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