CAI Missouri LAC – HB 2593, HB 1628, and HB 2218 Take Action

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The CAI Missouri LAC (CAI-MO LAC) asks YOUR help to OPPOSE two bills which will limit your community’s ability to create certain rules and regulations. HB 2593, HB 1628, and HB 2218 are currently being considered by the Missouri Senate Committee on Small Business and Industry and the Committee on Local Government, which attempt to limit a community’s ability to regulate where certain signs are placed throughout your community.

The legislature recently added an amendment to both HB 2593, HB 1628, and HB 2218 limiting your community’s ability to regulate where “for sale” signs can be placed through the community. This amendment was added to these bills before they were even assigned to a committee or had a public hearing where the MO-LAC could express their opposition. While we certainly support legally sound, fair, and equitable flag and sign (political, yard, for sale, etc.) rules development and enforcement procedures in community associations, the way this amendment is drafted will have several unintended consequences for community associations in Missouri.

If passed, this unnecessary legislation will have many unintended consequences including:

  • “For sale” signs may be able to be placed anywhere in a community, including common areas, sidewalks, etc.
  • It does not clarify what a “for sale” sign may be selling; any item can be advertised on these signs with the way the legislation is currently drafted.
  • It would supersede the current processes and procedures associations have for selling our homes.
  • If a homeowner lives on the corner of the street, any other resident may be able to place a “for sale” sign on your yard items they are selling.

CAI MO-LAC believes each HOA community should have the right to protect their property values and rights. For these reasons, CAI MO-LAC is opposed to the adoption of HB 2593, HB 1682, and HB 2218. Please URGE members of the Missouri Senate Committee on Small Business and Industry, to OPPOSE HB 2593, HB 1682, and HB 2218 TODAY!

Please be aware that this call to action is intended for constituents of certain legislators in your state. If you are not one of their constituents, then please keep an eye on your inbox for future calls to action!

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